Construction of Vectorial Boolean Function Based on T-D Conjecture

作者: 陈怡然 , 周 梦 :北京航空航天大学数学与系统科学学院,数学、信息与行为教育部重点实验室,北京;

关键词: 多输出布尔函数代数免疫度Bent函数平衡性非线性度Vectorial Boolean Functions Algebraic Immunity Bent Function Balancedness Nonlinearity



Abstract: An improvement has been made on the construction method of Boolean Functions and the relevant conclusions of combinatorial conjecture proposed by Ziran Tu. We generalized their results and extended to the vectorial case. A class of bent Boolean functions F with the maximum algebraic immunity is presented by a more general construction method. Then by modifying F, we get new vectorial balanced functions with optimum algebraic degree, good nonlinearity and good algebraic immunity even maximum algebraic immunity for some cases.

文章引用: 陈怡然 , 周 梦 (2014) T-D猜想上多输出布尔函数构造。 应用数学进展, 3, 62-69. doi: 10.12677/AAM.2014.32010


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