Research on Damage Index of Steel Q225

作者: 王 雷 :同济大学土木工程学院,上海;

关键词: Q225钢材低周反复加载损伤变量Q225 Steel Low-Cycle Cyclic Loading Damage Index



Damage index describes the damage situation of materials, members and structures. Various damage index models were reviewed and the model suitable for Q225 steel materials was selected. Based on the result of monotonic loading tests and low-cycle cyclic loading tests on steel Q225, the selected damage index model was modified with the suggested weighting coefficient β. This provides the basis for further research on steel Q225.

文章引用: 王 雷 (2014) Q225钢材损伤变量研究。 土木工程, 3, 59-66. doi: 10.12677/HJCE.2014.33008


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