The Clinical Application and Detection Methods of Small Cell Lung Cancer Tumor Marker: Pro-Gastrin Releasing Peptide

作者: 楚振宇 , 周小林 :中国辐射防护研究院,太原;

关键词: 前胃泌素释放肽肿瘤标志物小细胞肺癌Pro-Gastrin Releasing Peptide Tumor Marker Small Cell Lung Cancer


前胃泌素释放肽(pro-gastrin releasing peptide, PGRP)是一种新型小细胞肺癌(SCLC)肿瘤标志物。大量研究证明其在诊断与鉴别诊断SCLC方面较其他肿瘤标志物有更良好的表现,在早期筛查、治疗监测、预后评价、复发预测等方面也有一定价值,与其他标志物联合检测可以进一步提高诊断准确性。本文对PGRP作为SCLC肿瘤标志物的临床应用价值及检测方法做一综述,探讨进一步研究方向,以期对临床诊断和治疗提供技术支持。

Progastrin releasing peptide (PGRP) is a new type of small cell lung cancer (SCLC) tumor markers. Numerous studies have demonstrated its better performance compared with other tumor markers in the diagnosis of SCLC, and considerable value in early screening, treatment evaluating, prognosis prediction and progression monitoring. Moreover, combined use of PGRP with other tumor markers may possess higher diagnostic accuracy than any alone does. Here we review the new progresses in the clinical application of PGRP as the SCLC tumor marker, and discuss the future directions.

文章引用: 楚振宇 , 周小林 (2014) PGRP作为小细胞肺癌肿瘤标志物的临床价值与检测方法。 世界肿瘤研究, 4, 11-17. doi: 10.12677/WJCR.2014.42003


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