Application of B-Z Oscillating Chemical Reaction to Analytical Determination

作者: 魏晓霞 , 张小伟 :陇东学院应用化学研究所,庆阳; 高锦章 :西北师范大学化学化工学院,兰州;

关键词: B-Z化学振荡反应规则振荡混沌非平衡定态检测B-Z Oscillating Chemical Reaction Regular Oscillation Chaos Non-Equilibrium Stationary State Determination

摘要: 简单介绍了经典B-Z化学振荡体系,综述了化学振荡的各种行为,规则振荡、混沌、分叉在分析检测中的应用,展望了应用前景。

Abstract: A brief introduction has been made for classical B-Z oscillation chemical reaction. The application of regular oscillation, chaos, and non-equilibrium stationary state in analytical determination was described. Finally, the prospec- tives of oscillation chemical reaction research and application are prospected.

文章引用: 魏晓霞 , 张小伟 , 高锦章 (2014) B-Z化学振荡反应在分析检测中的应用。 分析化学进展, 4, 7-10. doi: 10.12677/AAC.2014.41002


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