Riemann Surface—3-Dimension Construction on a Plane

作者: 丁 韫 , 杨晓春 :大连海事大学数学系,大连;

关键词: Riemann面结构一一对应Riemann Surface Construction One-to-One Transformation


Riemann surface is a characteristic content in the course of complex variable function, which is also a difficult point in teaching. Our paper, viewing the problem from both algebra and geometry, simply analyses the action of the Riemann surface. The description here is as simple and directive as possible. By this way, we wish that could provide a little help to the beginner.

文章引用: 丁 韫 , 杨晓春 (2014) Riemann面——平面上的空间结构。 理论数学, 4, 65-69. doi: 10.12677/PM.2014.42010


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