Mann-Whitney Test in the Evaluation of Conditioning and Loosing Technological Innovation

作者: 巩鹏堃 , 李兴绪 :云南财经大学统计与数学学院,昆明; 徐永康 , 向 虎 , 王俊杰 :红云红河集团曲靖卷烟厂,曲靖;

关键词: 技术改进效果评价非正态分布T检验Mann-Whitney检验Evaluation of Technical Improvements Non-Normally Distribution T Test Mann-Whitney Test

现代企业质量控制活动中,评价技术改进前后的效果,已经离不开统计方法的支持。为了评价松散回潮中烟叶含水率控制技术改进效果,需要对比技术改进前后含水率变异系数是否有显著差异。对数据进行正态性检验后发觉其不服从正态分布,因此传统的T检验失效。用Mann-Whitney检验这一非参数检验对数据进行检验,发现松散回潮含水率控制技术改进效果显著(P < 0.05)。此方法科学评价了技术改进的效果,可以对企业质量控制活动中的非正态分布数据应用推广。
>Modern manufactories engage in a large number of quality control activities, in which statistical methodologies are indispensable for evaluating the effect of technological innovation. To evaluate the effect of innovation of moisture percentage control technology in the process of conditioning and loosing, statistical significance of the difference between after and before the innovation needs to be proved. The fact that the data are non-normally distributed is found after the test of normality, thus traditional T test loses its validity. When employing the Mann-Whitney test in the data, the effect of innovation of moisture percentage control technology was to be found significant (P < 0.05). The effect of technological innovation was evaluated effectively and scientifically with this method, which can be popularized in the quality control activities which produce non-normally distributed data.

文章引用: 巩鹏堃 , 徐永康 , 向 虎 , 王俊杰 , 李兴绪 (2013) Mann-Whitney检验在松散回潮技术改进评价中的应用。 管理科学与工程, 2, 88-92. doi: 10.12677/MSE.2013.24015


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