The Sustained-Release Drug Delivery Based on Nano Calcium Carbonate

作者: 韩华锋 * , 孔祥东 :浙江理工大学生命科学学院,杭州; 徐 阳 :浙江理工大学启新学院,杭州;

关键词: 纳米碳酸钙运输载体载药纳米颗粒药物缓释体系Nano-Calcium Carbonate Delivery Carrier Drug-Loading Nanoparticles Drug Delivery System


Objective: The review is to summarize the different preparation methods of nano calcium carbonate as well as the comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the methods and the characteristics of drug control-released carrier system based on nanometer calcium carbonate, and then to discuss its prospect in the field of biomedical application as the drug carrier. Method: The typical national and international literatures looked up in recent years were analyzed, sorted and concluded. Results and Conclusions: The multifunctional nano calcium carbonate particles have demonstrated the potential as drug control-released carriers or gene carriers. However, they should be further studied with their powerful characteristics.

文章引用: 韩华锋 , 徐 阳 , 孔祥东 (2013) 基于纳米碳酸钙的药物缓释载体研究。 纳米技术, 3, 41-46. doi: 10.12677/NAT.2013.34006


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