Study on Electrochemical Preparation and Thermo-Eletronic Performance of n-Type PbTe Nanoplates

作者: 缪世群 , 金永龙 :南通大学理学院,南通; 李玉松 , 缪建文 , 葛存旺 :南通大学化学化工学院,南通;

关键词: 电化学纳米结构PbTe合成方法热电材料Electrochemistry Nanostructure Pbte Synthesis Thermoelectric Materials

>PbTe is a kind of thermoelectric material of high thermoelectric conversion efficiency. In this papern-type PbTe nanoplates were prepared by using cathodic tellurium electrode as tellurium source and 3-mercaptopropionic acid as protective agent in the aqueous medium. The result of transmission electron microscopy and X-ray diffraction showed that as-prepared PbTe nanoplates were in face-centered cubic structure and PbS and nanoscale hybrid PbTe/PbS materials were formed during the heating process at presence of the protective agent. The near-infrared absorption of as-synthetic PbTe nanocrystals was firstly evaluated with infrared spectrophotometer. The thermoelectric performance including electrical resistivity, Seebeck coefficient, thermal conductivity and the figure of merit ZT was assessed with thermoelectric analyzer, which indicated that thermal conductivity and figure of merit of as-prepared PbTe nanocrystals were improved in contrast to the bulk materials. Furthermore, the synthesis strategy presented here could be considered as an effective methodology with mild conditions, simple operation and environmental safety.

文章引用: 缪世群 , 金永龙 , 李玉松 , 缪建文 , 葛存旺 (2013) n-型碲化铅纳米片的电化学制备及其热电性能研究。 材料科学, 3, 222-229. doi: 10.12677/MS.2013.35040


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