The Benz Theorem and the Aleksandrov Problem in 2-Normed Space

作者: 张 倩 * , 刘玉波 , 宋眉眉 :天津理工大学理学院应用数学系;

关键词: Benz定理 等距AOPP 问题The Benz Theorem 2-Isometry AOPP The Aleksandrov Problem


In this paper, we introduce Benz theorem that is established without the condition Y is strictly convex and . Then the main theorem holds mainly by changing the type of space in [1] and weaking the conditions of the theorem in 2-normed space and in n-normed space. And the theorem 2.1 in [1] can be used as the corollary of theorem 2.3 in this paper.

文章引用: 张 倩 , 刘玉波 , 宋眉眉 (2013) Benz定理和赋2-范空间上的Aleksandrov问题。 理论数学, 3, 305-311. doi: 10.12677/PM.2013.35047


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