Visualization Model of Packet Measurement about DNA Sequences

作者: 卜琴仙 , 郑智捷 :云南大学软件学院,昆明;

关键词: DNA序列分组测量共轭图 DNA Sequences Packet Measurement Conjugate Maps



Abstract: The generation and detection of random sequences play an important role in the application of Cryptography. With the successful implementation of human genome project, using the random sequence detection tool to process DNA sequences has a special significance. Based on the natural randomness of DNA sequences, this paper proposes a visuali- zation model to display spatial distribution of measurement features of DNA sequences by using conjugate maps. The model can provide a reference for the in-depth visualization study of DNA sequences on random measurement features.

文章引用: 卜琴仙 , 郑智捷 (2013) DNA密码序列分组测量可视化模型。 软件工程与应用, 2, 86-89. doi: 10.12677/SEA.2013.24015


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