Structural and Optical Properties of ZnO Thin Films Grown on MgO(111) Substrates by Molecular Beam Epitaxy

作者: 杜达敏 , 王惠琼 * , 周华 , 李亚平 , 黄巍 , 徐建芳 , 蔡加法 , 崔琳哲 * , 张纯淼 , 陈晓航 , 詹华翰 , 康俊勇 :厦门大学物理系,福建省半导体材料及应用重点实验室;

关键词: 分子束外延反射高能电子衍射透射谱缓冲层位错密度MBE RHEED XL Buffer Dislocation Density


The growth of high quality ZnO films is highly desirable due to the promising applications of ZnO in optoelectronics. In this paper, ZnO films were grown on the MgO(111) substrates via the growth technique of molecular- beam epitaxy and their structural and optoelectronic properties were characterized. In particular, the influence of growth condition on the film qualify was investigated. The results show that, inducing a low temperature ZnO buffer layer before the high temperature growth of ZnO films will help to improve the film quality. In situ reflection high-energy electron diffraction (RHEED) and ex situ X-ray Diffraction (XRD) measurements indicate that the ZnO film and the MgO substrate follow the epitaxial relationship: ZnO[01-10]//MgO[1-10] and ZnO[2-1-10]//MgO[11-2]. Transmission Spectra show the characteristic optical bandgap of ZnO.

文章引用: 杜达敏 , 王惠琼 , 周华 , 李亚平 , 黄巍 , 徐建芳 , 蔡加法 , 崔琳哲 , 张纯淼 , 陈晓航 , 詹华翰 , 康俊勇 (2013) MgO(111)上ZnO薄膜的外延生长及其结构和光学特性。 材料科学, 3, 116-120. doi: 10.12677/MS.2013.33022


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