Plaxis Deformation in Soft Ground Seawall Study

作者: 孙尧 * , 金德钢 :宁波市水利水电规划设计研究院,宁波;

关键词: Plaxis软件海堤软土地基变形Plaxis Software Seawall Soft Ground Deformation


In the seawall filling design of concretion and drainage in the deep soft soil, some elements which are often regarded as important have to be considered such as settlement and stabilization of the levee, the stability safety factor during a construction period, the long-term stability safety factor, the settlement after construction and so on. It was combined the characteristics of the Plaxis program and its applications to the calculation of seawall settlement and contrasted actual data collected through the project site with calculation results in this paper. The deformation process of the soil under load is simulated very well via the Plaxis program and the calculation results can meet the project accuracy requirements as long as the soil model, the load step, boundary conditions and initial conditions are reasonable. It’s available to predict the soft soil deformation via the Plaxis program.

文章引用: 孙尧 , 金德钢 (2013) Plaxis在软土地基海堤变形研究中的应用。 土木工程, 2, 135-141. doi: 10.12677/HJCE.2013.22023


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